May 29, 2009

Portable is Good

Probably not far, but in the near future you will see multiple TB size disc is read by your ROM (then a higher version compatible). Users are looking for more capacity but with much more better speed to store large amount of data. While for the time now, i was only looking for a portable SATA HDD that fits my pocket easily. What I can take anywhere. Good enough space for backup. It took nearly weeks for me to find this in the town side. I could only get to see 500 GB Maxtors, Transcends and Seagates. All were bulky in size and also required external power to detect until I found just launched Buffalo's Turbo USB (HD-PS400U2).
This is the new member in the MiniStation line that bundles a wrap-around cable for easy storage. 400GB big in capacity, smallest of all in dimensions. And with a speed of 5400 rpm. Connects USB 2.0 port. This certainly looked good for the match.
With the ability to draw power from the PC it is connected to, it requires no external power supply providing a lightweight storage solution that is ideal for users like me.

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