Jun 17, 2008

The candy bar in my hands.

The league of best phones is just underway. I picked one from the gamut.
Considering various factors that one can expect for a gadget to be complete, the n82 also adds a better edge than the n95.Carl Zeiss lens is the only take away for n82 from n95. Just 8 days from its arrival, I am impressed with its ability to curb the possible* complexities (handling multi-tasking with ease). The ratings of various editors sites are easily favoring this phone for its GPS self-receiving property, 2592 x 1944 pixels picture capturing, good enough phone memory ( 2 GB external micro SD card included [extendable slot to 8 gb] ), mentioned earlier the Carl Zeiss optics with flash and lastly its looks.
While the touchy keypad and the qwerty types seem to be getting popular in the new
comers, this phone follows the cool old type of keypad with no difficulty.Expecting this to stand up to my high expectations at least as long as the N91 (which was nearly for 2 years I used).


The first best picture captured by the n82 lens. And how bigger can it get!? A requested pose from the great Ghazal King at the Sur, with Love concert.Jagjit Singh on his 53rd ghazal night in Mumbai.Papaji is just so sporty. He has filled life in many disabled till now. Just with his voice.

(Please click on the image to enlarge, you can find the lens and flash in each eye)