Aug 10, 2007


Java is hot property. The most incredible thing about Java is its open source nature. We have more reasons to venerate it. My java trainer loves to have a cup of hot tea when we are together.After spending some time, we often visit a place where we get hot tea
in this Sun Microsystem logo-look-alike cup-saucer.Isn't it noteworthy, how java follows us.
We definitely feel strong making Java work on different IDEs.
As if we are in the same realm.The high end projects that worth millions are made in Java.Pivoting on the next degree, java technology is unparalleled, now running in over 1.5 billion devices worldwide.So who can destroy it..

Java has stood well with Network Security. Securing authentication of a person's digital identity. Recently it has been used to make smart cards for e-government kiosks introduced in Thailand.
Also NASA is planning to issue a Java technology-based "One NASA" smart card to increase agency security and simplify security management.

Ultimately Why .NET and others are not Java? Security. Yes

Jul 1, 2007

Portable is Good

I remember owning one of those Frisbee shaped portable CD players in the distant past. It was great in a primitive portable technology way. It was too big, you could not move a muscle while a song was playing, and you had to have three jobs just to keep it in batteries every week.
But, with the advent of digital music and video players I have never looked back, until now. This is the attractively named TF-DVD7333 V-Zon from Coby. It’s Swivel Screen turns 180 degree and designed to play my DVDs, CDs and MP3. The 7" TFT LCD is cute and it has the all important shockproof technology built in. It comes with a rechargeable battery that will last 6 hours. When the price is right and the device is portable the deal is feasible.
The friend next stationed is common to all of us.

Mar 15, 2007

Maglev trains

I remember once I asked my guru on how the trains in japan is like this according to : They are called Maglev Train Rail System, this technology works on Electromagnetic Suspension (EMS).."If you've ever played with magnets, you know that opposite poles attract and like poles repel each other. This is the basic principle behind electromagnetic propulsion.

The magnetic field created in the copper wire-and-battery experiment is the simple idea behind a maglev train rail system. There are three components to this system:

* A large electrical power source
* Metal coils lining a guideway or track
* Large guidance magnets attached to the underside of the train

The magnetized coil running along the track, called a guideway, repels the large magnets on the train's undercarriage, allowing the train to levitate between 0.39 and 3.93 inches (1 to 10 cm) above the guideway."
While it was first developed and used in Japan and Germany, other governments are also approving this technology. To have a better idea go and watch the hollywood movie Minority Report which actually inspires me to write this post.

Feb 10, 2007

My Old Friend.

My Old Friend.Yes, Belarc Advisor. As I follow C|Net Editors for my choice of softwares, it has 5 out of 5 to its name. It is a very useful program that automatically generates a detailed report of the hardware and software on your computer. It records essential information such as operating system and processor details, the amount of RAM installed, and drive specifications. The report includes a comprehensive list of the software installed on your system as well as software licence numbers and product keys. It even lists Microsoft hotfixes and lets you know if any of these require reinstalling.To show all these details, it creates a html page on its own. Don't worry it does not need a internet connection for the solving.From missing patches of your OS , guiding with the appropriate link for the same,it is a true friend.Whoever I come across with I give this in complement.You want it too? get it here.

Jan 29, 2007

IIT Tech Fest Visit

Tech Fest Project Winners showing a demo for me:
Anindita Sengupta & Janki Sonalkar (National Institute of Design, 2nd Sem Toy Design)

Project Name : Light Trial

Objective : To explain the principles --> Refraction and Reflection for blind Children.

Lecture by Dr.Arun Netravali
(Ex-President of the Bell Labs) now a managing partner of OmniCapital, on the
media wars in Information Networking and Communication Technology Trends

Lecture by John Forbes Nash, Jr (Nobel Prize for Economics)
(To be concise and precise, a genius with lots more to list)