Aug 15, 2006

Exploring Movie Maker at tea time

Aug 9, 2006

My first smartphone

Finally I am God. Why God? well my Guru knows that. Since I passed the OCA(Oracle Certified Associate) dad introduced me to this technology which I would look up at with very high respect.Yes to sum up this phone in a line, Storage for up to 3000 songs, smartphone functionality, an ultra-portable package - and I got what is called as the Nokia N91. Till the craze of Multimedia phones is living around, there was nothing like a heavy weight phone like this. Nokia has actually moved forward with the current technology in its business respect. Also blending it with style of new generation and ease of use factor.

I was at it for OCA(Oracle Certified Associate).All the mates were atleast not less than5-6 years older to me.Considering my first exam outside my academic times, I was alredy nervous. Everything was going good and I was happy to solve each question, thanks to the hard preparations prior to the exam date. I was just to click the result option after completing my Exam and Web Survey, the page could not be displayed.
For more than three hours, we were asked to wait but it still didnt turn up till we were actually asked to leave and to check our results online next day. It was a shocking belief for me when my family and I sat down next day to see my results. I was given 71%, which is just the passing percentage for the developer track. I could easily challenge Oracle and had actually crossed checked my attempted questions, that I was supposed to get atleast not less than 85%. They didnt give me a customized result for the same exam.
It was nothing but a funny instance and a mere disgrace on the part of Oracle.