Jan 29, 2008

Hello "maddog"

Wait wait Google, i've got something before you take me for garbage collection.
I am back with Asia's Largest Technology festival at the IIT, Mumbai. Definitely the best time, more things to explore.
Thanks to the weekend arrangements, I barely missed anything at the Techfest. In fact I got to meet a special person personally.
Special is because, like me,he is a strong supporter for open source.We call him the Father of Open Source. Working for Linux International, a non-profit company, he is Jon "maddog" Hall.
He is taking many efforts to enlighten Linux (Open Source) in the virtual society. We held him for more than a hour after his panel discussion on Open Source. My Guru used to get his books in his younger days for reading.
There are many interesting points that we came to know about.He even said many things on the old rivals the Bill Gates Corporation Microsoft.
For Open Source here is Jon "maddog" Hall.

For the complete video please visit here
Nice to meet you maddog and thanks for inspiring.

Wikia Founder at the Asia's Largest Technology Festival
I'm afraid i could not put some videos on my phone which were the Nano technology by Prof.v. Ramgopal Rao ,Henry Schaefer's ideas on the Big Bang theory, Stephan Hawkings and God,
Sylvester James Gates Jr's Super Symmetry Theory,Prof. Harold Thimbleby and Robert Kahn the Father of the Internet which could get more attention.

But I got a apple size cherry. Got to meet Jimmy Wales the founder of Wikipedia. The crowd turned out to be the largest ever present for his lecture (according to him). I asked him two questions.He answered both of them. First being saturation of Wiki and another difficulties of Wiki. Thats the self-signed pamphlet that I got from Jimbo. Check out Jimmy Wales to my questions.

Jan 28, 2008

Photosynth & Sea Dragon

One more guest at the IIT, Mumbai Techfest was Blaise Aguera y Arcas the Architect of Seadragon and Photosynth.
Some very nice demos from him really left us jaw dropping. He was more recognized when Microsoft's Live Labs undertook his project in feb last year.
He said he was very happy when Microsoft called him. The applications will be available soon this year. But for now you can see what he showed us.

to See the complete demo visit here