Aug 8, 2008

mal - information

Type the keywords 'Mumbai Navigator' on Google or Yahoo! and the first result will forward() you here. To give a brief this site is developed by IIT Bombay showing the routes of buses and trains across the city.
Considering the stature of IIT, nobody can ask for such shoddy work with the development of a product from them. You are representing the IIT.
Remember you are listed on the top of every search engine result and we the seekers follow what is shown first(usually).

Observations and Suggestions :

Use better search algorithms to match keywords and remove case sensitivity.For example, you could have used String Tokenizer of the java.util package to break strings to returnDelims flag having the value true or false.
You could have used JSP with servlets instead of just Servlets to make the site dynamic.
Also the maps are inaccurate in many cases.
Update the routes or stops of buses. For instance, the bus 403 Ltd has a different route than the one shown here

I have immense respect for the IIT. Give best if you give any.
Useful project to develop.
info : for those looking for the perfect route of buses (updated),
visit B.E.S.T.'s own website.