Jul 1, 2007

Portable is Good

I remember owning one of those Frisbee shaped portable CD players in the distant past. It was great in a primitive portable technology way. It was too big, you could not move a muscle while a song was playing, and you had to have three jobs just to keep it in batteries every week.
But, with the advent of digital music and video players I have never looked back, until now. This is the attractively named TF-DVD7333 V-Zon from Coby. It’s Swivel Screen turns 180 degree and designed to play my DVDs, CDs and MP3. The 7" TFT LCD is cute and it has the all important shockproof technology built in. It comes with a rechargeable battery that will last 6 hours. When the price is right and the device is portable the deal is feasible.
The friend next stationed is common to all of us.