Aug 10, 2007


Java is hot property. The most incredible thing about Java is its open source nature. We have more reasons to venerate it. My java trainer loves to have a cup of hot tea when we are together.After spending some time, we often visit a place where we get hot tea
in this Sun Microsystem logo-look-alike cup-saucer.Isn't it noteworthy, how java follows us.
We definitely feel strong making Java work on different IDEs.
As if we are in the same realm.The high end projects that worth millions are made in Java.Pivoting on the next degree, java technology is unparalleled, now running in over 1.5 billion devices worldwide.So who can destroy it..

Java has stood well with Network Security. Securing authentication of a person's digital identity. Recently it has been used to make smart cards for e-government kiosks introduced in Thailand.
Also NASA is planning to issue a Java technology-based "One NASA" smart card to increase agency security and simplify security management.

Ultimately Why .NET and others are not Java? Security. Yes