Aug 8, 2008

mal - information

Type the keywords 'Mumbai Navigator' on Google or Yahoo! and the first result will forward() you here. To give a brief this site is developed by IIT Bombay showing the routes of buses and trains across the city.
Considering the stature of IIT, nobody can ask for such shoddy work with the development of a product from them. You are representing the IIT.
Remember you are listed on the top of every search engine result and we the seekers follow what is shown first(usually).

Observations and Suggestions :

Use better search algorithms to match keywords and remove case sensitivity.For example, you could have used String Tokenizer of the java.util package to break strings to returnDelims flag having the value true or false.
You could have used JSP with servlets instead of just Servlets to make the site dynamic.
Also the maps are inaccurate in many cases.
Update the routes or stops of buses. For instance, the bus 403 Ltd has a different route than the one shown here

I have immense respect for the IIT. Give best if you give any.
Useful project to develop.
info : for those looking for the perfect route of buses (updated),
visit B.E.S.T.'s own website.


satanicoutput said...

"I have immense respect for the IIT. Give best if you give any."

I find this very funny. People do all this hooh haah over the special status accorded to IITians who in reality are nothing but normal teenagers, albeit a bit better at maths and science. And then they come up with this statement. Shoddy work is shoddy, no matter who does it. Just because people from IIT made something, does not mean that it should be perfect. And yes, the IITians have no duty towards you. I am so sick of everyone expecting so much out of IITians. My neighbours expect me to fix their TVs even though I am majoring in Mech.

anuradha said...

A site is worth following if it is updated and thus should be qualified to be listed first anywhere.Also, if you are anybody it is ur duty to show correct information when you are listed first.If you cannot give that then i'm sorry for you. And yes, everybody has respect for IIT of any branch and we expect you to be the best. Maths and Science is not a question 4 this case. This site is made by the Computer Science students and professors according to the site credits. So you shld live up to your area of working specially if you are a 'IITian'.
You should be great full to see people expecting so much from you.
I must call you irresponsible.


Fubar.Avenger said...

"I have immense respect for the IIT."


IITians are but hypocritical cheap frauds, as are most Indians, only, a bit better.

Anonymous said...

An IITian can do really wonders if he gives proper monies.They look for only money. They don't have respect for humanity and human relations. As an IITian i am very ashamed to see this kind of attitude in many of our profs(not all,though).
They are doing obsolete work,which can be done by ordinary engineering college people.India is demanding more where as these so called big brains are doing really shoddy work.
If any one of you know about john henrick could find lot of shonism in IIT's....