Aug 9, 2006

My first smartphone

Finally I am God. Why God? well my Guru knows that. Since I passed the OCA(Oracle Certified Associate) dad introduced me to this technology which I would look up at with very high respect.Yes to sum up this phone in a line, Storage for up to 3000 songs, smartphone functionality, an ultra-portable package - and I got what is called as the Nokia N91. Till the craze of Multimedia phones is living around, there was nothing like a heavy weight phone like this. Nokia has actually moved forward with the current technology in its business respect. Also blending it with style of new generation and ease of use factor.


Anonymous said...

Did you read the first line of your very own comment???
That was indeed awesome.
Quoting you to be more precise would be "Finally I am *** "
I have hit the Creator's blog and trust me,He has some cool tit-bits of tech.
He rulez.
Keep it up.
And make sure you are the first one with N95 in your hands which would be around 12 months from now.

Anonymous said...

I think I had an extra "1" there so make it 2 months.