Jun 17, 2008


The first best picture captured by the n82 lens. And how bigger can it get!? A requested pose from the great Ghazal King at the Sur, with Love concert.Jagjit Singh on his 53rd ghazal night in Mumbai.Papaji is just so sporty. He has filled life in many disabled till now. Just with his voice.

(Please click on the image to enlarge, you can find the lens and flash in each eye)


Vinita said...

next time remember me
i love ghazals tooo

Vinita said...

ok on request to comment something better here i go

if i have to comment on the singer, wat do i say i love his singing and sunny has given me many of his ghazals too.so i hope to see him in concert some day too

and to comment on the pic
amazing clarity dude
congo on ur new cell