May 30, 2009

flinging digital media on my wall

Ok this is a new cover for my wall. The future of Digital Media, I brought this concept home. By LEXVOX this is an amazing little desktop companion to display wide range of formats. Simply take the memory card out of your digital camera, phone, etc. and slide it into the back of this unit.Within seconds you will see a high quality slide show of your photos with random transition effect or single photo.
It also displays files from a USB stick directly.

Just not that, you can switch from picture mode to video mode to watch a movie or to switch to music mode to listen to your digital music file.
Each of these modes also allows viewing/listening from a wide selection of file formats like Divx, avi, mpeg4, mp3, wav and others, while the sound output is accomplished from the built in stereo speakers, or you can even use your own headset.


Anonymous said...

coool stuff u got there

Brian said...

where did you get this from .. what is the price?

rattle9 said...